Following the turn of the seasons and the flow of nature, Wild Moon Europe have decided to offer a Wild Moon experience out at our island wilderness camp focused on hide tanning at the time when there is an abundance of hides available during the hunting season. We will be learning about all the different steps of tanning hides and we will be trying out hides from different animals and using different methods. We will also be making things out of the hides we tan. The guides have a lot of previous experience about hide tanning and we are excited to learn more and share it with others! Besides hide tanning we will be practicing and sharing many other crafts and skills, being immersed in the native lifeway following the energy of the nature outside and within ourselves.

"Native lifeway--and the native within--comes alive for you like it never could with reading a book or learning a skill outside the context of the lifeway. If someone wants to truly know wolves, she has to live, run, and hunt with them, and the same is true of the Old Way."

You will be learning through observation imitation and your own experience, living what you learn.You will be outside for a whole cycle of the Moon (roughly one month) - therefore the name "Wild Moon"- without a break, together with a group of guides who have all spent at least a full turn of the seasons in the wilderness in Wisconsin, USA, under the guidance of the experienced elder Tamarack Song at the Teaching drum Outdoor School.

In this time you will relearn the "old way" of living in balance with your human and non-human relations. By immersing ourselves permanently in nature we have the privilege to strengthen our connection to the Earth Mother and learn the practical skills needed to be comfortable in the wilderness. The social part of our experience is how to live healthy and functioning as a circle and honor and respect every person´s perspectives, gifts and talents. Conflict resolution, communication skills, talking circles, expressing feelings and listening skills are essential parts of our wilderness living experience and help us to strengthen our relationship to ourselves and the human circle that surrounds us. We are also happy to invite families to all of our courses in order to create a living-learning experience for adults and kids. We would be honored by your visit!

We would be honored to have you join us. No prior outdoor experience or skills training are needed. As is traditional with visitors to a native camp, you will be treated as the guest of honor and shown all you need to know. Our only suggestion is that you come expecting the unexpected, as actually immersing yourself in an unfamiliar culture with new values and ways of doing things is bound to challenge some of what you have read, learned, and believed about it.

The 2014 cost for a Wild Moon is €1200.

The Hide tanning Wild Moon will run from September 28 to October 26

If you don't have the possibility to join for a whole Moon there is also a possibility to join for only the week, between 28. September - 4.October. The cost for a Wild Week is €350.
There will also be a possibility for a visiting weekend between Oct 17-19. The cost for visit weekend is €150.

Please read the infopackage for more information and than apply online here. For further questions just contact us.

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