Our common motivation to offer Wild Moons is that we all feel deeply gifted by spending longer periods of time immersed in simplicity and community in nature. The wish to create a safe space where people can experience this valuable immersion is what brought us together to bring Wild Moon Europe to life.

Our intention is to draw various kinds of growing opportunities from the manifold potential that nature holds. By being immersed in a simple and natural lifestyle according to indigenous clan living, we dive into a holistic wilderness living experience where we feel deeply connected and embrace that we are nature.

Consciously connecting to our natural surroundings like animals, plants, elements, other people and the circle of life itself, holds a great chance to deeply understand how our individual role plays into it and to grow wherever we are at on your life’s journey.

By gaining awareness of our attachments to civilization and civilized items, an opportunity to regain basic trust rises: In nature we can find everything to provide for our daily needs. We can experience being physically and emotionally nourished by mother earth and connect to our gratitude for this wonderful gift.

We want to create a group adventure in which we can take valuable steps on our holistic self-discovery journey. By recognizing ourselves in the clear mirror of our surroundings, nature becomes a great teacher and a supportive space where growth and healing can happen.

Our intention is to experience life with our shadows and our bright sides, to allow all our feelings and thoughts, to be honest with ourselves in a safe space where our revealing natural selves are respected and welcome. We aim for forming a respectful culture of communication based on speaking and listening from our hearts rather than the ego.

In our eyes the Wild Moon shall be a month for yourself, to open up to small and big questions of (your) life with an open heart and curiosity where they might take you.

As guides, we see ourselves rather as supporting companions than teachers.

Within all that has been mentioned, we want to sing, dance, enjoy, have fun, play and simply celebrate this wonderful life just the way it is, and never forget to include a good pinch of humor.