The best way to understand how it feels and what it takes to live out in the woods is to do it – then it will come alive for you like it never could with reading a book or learning a skill outside of the context – that is what we invite you to experience with us!

This website is mainly meant to inform about the Wild Moon Programs which are hosted by different organisations.

With Wild Moon we offer you a very unique wilderness living experience: We give you the opportunity to be immersed in nature for a whole moon (about 28 days) without interruption, and you will get a taste of how it feels and what it takes to live in a clan within the natural rhythms of existence.

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Besides different traditional skills, both soft and hard, you will be able to learn about environmental and nature protection and sustainable development within the greater context- through literally living it. Together we want to dive into a living experience based on respect and tolerance for all beings.

Living in Nature, surviving and thriving, requires that you know what the land provides for you, for example in terms of food, shelter, warmth and clothing. It also requires that you know how to use, proceed or take care of these gifts of the earth. The following skills are examples of what we offer to make them practically available: firemaking by friction, butchering, hide tanning and making buckskin clothes, shelterbuilding, gathering wild edibles & fishing, primitive cooking and different crafts like basket- and bowlmaking.

It is also essential for fully living with nature based on hunter-gatherer-cultures, that we function socially as a circle. Conflicts and struggles may arise and we need our social skills and possibly learn new ones to get back to balance. In an indigenous clan, this would be embedded in the culture and taught from childhood on, since it would be crucial for the well-being and survial of the whole clan. For us, who grew up in a world, where there is less primary need for a functioning community, this is something we might need to practice when we find ourselfes in a setting where we really depend on eachother – both a challenge and a wonderful gift!

We will be using different tools to get to a place where we can relate to each other and nature with honor and respect. Amongst others, these are different kinds of communicational skills, that guide us to express our thoughts and feelings in a peaceful way. They are used during work and play as well as in the setting of talking circles. Just as important as how we speak, is the skill to deeply listen and acknowledge.

Another part of is to get down to the core of the feelings that arise, and take responsibility for these feelings by owning them, as well as doing inner child work and coming to a place of circle-consciousness and awareness.

In some Wild Moons we’ll be honored to have children living with us and one focus will be on co-parenting and creating a children’s culture. Children and families are especially welcome since they bring a beautiful quality to the experience. They bring different challenges as well, which is a great opportunity for all adults to grow and mature, since we’ll be one big family during the experience. Nevertheless there will be Wild Moons happening without children and different focusses.

Since what we provide is not a workshop but a living experience, it will be up to YOU and your own motivation and passions how much and what you will gain during the moon in terms of the social and practical skills.
Even though Wild Moons can seem to be a whole different and separate world, they are created in a way that we can integrate the experiences, gifts and insights into our everyday life.

In our role as a guide, we function as a bridge over the gap between the modern-civilized and the old ways. We are a group of different people, from different countries, passionate about different aspects of wilderness and clan living, healing and natural craftwork and living skills. We have years of experience in these different fields and a passion for sharing these skills and ways to get back to peace and our unique natural selves. Our common thread is that we all have spent at least one turn of the seasons (a year) living simply in the wilderness, completing the Wilderness Guide Program in the Northwoods (

Welcome to the Circle, within the Hoop of Life! See you in the Woods!

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