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Exploring sea, land and native lifeway

Date Wild Moon: 23.06. – 20.07.2024
Location: near Halden, Norway
Team: Johan, Max, Korra, Elena, Frauke and Rose

This Wild Moon will be hosted by Verein Wilde Wurzeln.

Who are the Earth Wanderers? Only with the bare necessities on their back they travel the land, through deep forests and over rivers and lakes. They let the pure waters nourish body and soul, and whenever they can they will feed themselves and their clan with what the earth has to offer. They will struggle and find comfort, laugh and cry and come closer to their deeply human nature. They will rediscover what it means to live fully and authentically, in deep connection with their human and more-than-human relations. Remembering that nature is home.

The wild moon is a very unique wilderness living experience and a special opportunity to dive deep into our connection with nature and our own sense of being human. For a whole moon cycle (28 days) we leave behind our civilized life and step into simplicity and clan-living, immersed into the natural rhythms of life. We will discover how living in nature with a clan creates essential necessities and learn to take care of them, with both hands-on skills like fire by friction, natural navigation, foraging & gathering, animal processing and social skills like deep nature connection, circle consciousness and truthspeaking. We will come together around the fire, share our meals as well as our inner and outer adventures of the day, deeply listening to ourselves and each other.

This upcoming wild moon we will be a clan on the move. We will explore the coast by kayak, while forests and lakes will call us to explore them on land. We will use natural navigation while exploring new terrain and move on the earth in a natural way. We can learn to experience the land with new eyes and learn to become part of it, increasingly aware and attuned as we wander.
We will learn to listen to nature to meet our needs and find comfort even in the most simple of settings, while supporting each other in facing both physical and mental thresholds along with navigating social challenges. Can we move as one with our group and the land and become Earth Wanderers?

If you feel called to go on this journey with us, we invite you with all your individual gifts and your unique being to contribute to our adventure. Please see the Info Package to apply.

Participation fee for the experience

The fee for the Wild Moon is composed of different parts: One part are expenses for the Wild Moon itself (such as organic food incl. wild meat, canoe rental, storage room rental, fishing licenses, material for hide tanning and infrastructure, fuel for the car to get food…). The other part covers the money, time and effort we put into the preparation, the formal organization of our association, insurance and more, summarized: The required background work for making Wild Moons possible.We offer staggered tuition fees according to your income, please be honest with yourself about how much you can afford:

Wild Moon
Low income 1800 – 2200 €
Average income 2200 – 2600 €
High income 2600 – 3000 €
Teens from 16-18 if coming with a parent: 900 € (otherwise pay like an adult)

We look forward to share this journey with you!

The Wild Moon circle
Elisabeth Demeter, Frauke Helms, Maximilian Kuntz, Elena Peters, Vivian Putscher and Johan Örlander


  1. Malin Sohl says:

    Im trying to whrite an application to the Wildmoon 23/6-24 but the systemgives me an error. Could you give me another way to apply. Hope to see you in the nature!

    Malin Sohl

    1. The problem should be fixed now.

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