23. June 2024 - 29. June 2024    


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Exploring sea, land and native lifeway

Date Wild Week: 23.06. – 29.06.2024
Location: near Halden, Norway
Team: Johan, Max, Korra, Elena, Frauke and Rose
This Wild Week will be hosted by Verein Wilde Wurzeln.

Paddling along the shore, the wind in our faces, as we move across the water and feel as one with the Earth. Fishing, gathering seaweed and other foods that sea and land have to offer, and coming together around the fire to share what we harvested and what moves our souls. Letting our whole beings be nourished by being fully human.

The wild week is part of the wild moon, a unique wilderness living experience and a special opportunity to dive deep into our connection to nature and our own sense of being human. We will leave behind our civilized lives and step into simplicity and clan-living, immersed into the natural rhythms of life. Learning and applying skills like primitive fire-making, natural navigation, fishing & gathering and animal processing will be part of our daily lives, while the way of life as a clan will ask soft skills like circle consciousness and truthspeaking of us. We will come together around the fire, share our meals as well as our inner and outer adventures of the day, deeply listening to ourselves and each other.

This wild week we will be a clan on the move, exploring the coast by kayak. It is a rich environment with plenty of fish and sea foods, that will sustain us and help us feed both our bodies and deepen our connection to nature. Purely immersed in the elements and in clan life we will be nourished and discover a new sense of being alive.

If you feel called to go on this journey with us, we invite you with all your individual gifts and your unique being to contribute to our adventure. Please see the Info Package to apply.

Wild Week
Low income 550 – 700 €
Average income 700 – 850 €
High income 850 – 1000 €
Teens from 16-18 if coming with a parent: 250 € (otherwise pay like an adult)

We look forward to share this journey with you!

The Wild Moon circle

Elisabeth Demeter, Frauke Helms, Maximilian Kuntz, Elena Peters, Vivian Putscher and Johan Örlander

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