14. March 2024    
19:30 - 20:30

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Explore Native Living – Free Wild Moon Info Call

Living an extended period of time (like a whole moon-cycle) completely immersed in the natural world around us allows us to dive deeper into experiencing what it truly means to be human. We learn to live with the natural rhythms and notice all the patterns that helped us survive in civilization, but are keeping us from our true selves.

In this free info call we will explore:

  • why we feel drawn to that natural, simple life
  • what we can gain from living a more connected life
  • how living in clan helps us grow in relationship with everything and everyone
  • how living in close community in nature influences our lives
  • how the Wild Moon is different from a hiking trip or a bushcraft camp

In this free exploration call you will get to know the guide team of the upcoming Wild Moon (23.06. – 20.07.2024) and can ask questions about the immersion experience.

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